Capitalize on your passions and pursue your purpose by using your medical mastery to the fullest in the world of Medicolegal Medicine!  

The IME Academy with Dr.Emily Woolcock

You've heard the buzz about Chart Reviews, Expert Witness work, IMEs and Peer Reviews. Now it's time to explore the opportunities that abound in the world of Medicolegal Medicine for yourself! 

By pursuing the supplemental career options available to physicians, you can not only reduce your workload, but also increase your income and expand your expertise.  

The IME Academy is an opportunity to become trained in a new, lucrative specialty by a physician who is the world's foremost expert in the field. 

I finally reached a breaking point and needed to make drastic changes for my family and my sanity.

After my baby miraculously survived a devastating condition, I was overcome with guilt. I realized that I could no longer work 60+ hours per week and spend nights in the emergency and operating rooms.  

After work, there was very little of me left for my children. I realized that I had no choice but to find a way to strike a balance between my love for my family and my love for caring for others.

The world of Medicolegal Medicine was the lucrative specialty that changed everything. You can have more freedom and income, you only need to make the choice.

Dr. Emily Woolcock

Become an Independent Medical Examiner & Sought-After Expert!

Consider this, just ONE IME per week

can generate $78K or more annually. 

THE IME ACADEMY is a TWO WEEK INTENSIVE TRAINING, hosted by dual Board-Certifed IME and Physician, Dr. Emily Woolcock. You'll discover how to started performing medicolegal exams to DRAMATICALLY boost your income.


During 4-live teleclass instructions and accountability sessions, you’ll learn the definition of an IME and how the exams are used in the industry.


During this class, we will review Peer Reviews and you will get to do one.


A significant amount of class time is dedicated to writing skills. There is no point in receiving instruction if your reports lack structure. You’ll gain the confidence you need to be ready to start attracting cases.


You’ll get a chance to participate in an examination of a live patient.


Learn how to get a practice up and going immediately after the course ends. We will review different models based on your individual situations.

Take advantage of special savings or payment option for your premiere membership in the IME Academy.

“The IME Academy is comprehensive and taught in such a factor that it seems effortless. I have learned a whole new specialty. Wow!”  

Dr. Camille Coates-Clark, MD

“Thank you so much for all the resources that you provided as bonuses! I feel so well equipped to get started and I know that no other classes are going to the lengths that you have for your students. It is very evident to me that it is important to you that your students are not only provided with information but that you are invested in our success once we leave the class! Thank you!”  

Dr. Tranese Cook, MD

“JointNutriMD is a fantastic product! It solves the problem for patients who are unable to take NSAIDs because of stomach upset and bleeding. It is also a perfect fit for patients who are health conscious and want to avoid ingesting chemicals. Genius!”  

Dr. V. Joinville


Done-for-You TEMPLATES 

IME Report Templates, Fee Schedule Templates and Retainer Agreement Templates to provide the ultimate blueprint for writing no-fail reports.

VALUE- $1999 


Rolodex of CONTACTS  

Get a jumpstart on your new career with a list of companies to get your IME practice started immediately.

VALUE- $499 



Network with like-minded individuals, discuss matters that are of mutual interest, expand your IME practice and get valuable support.


The IME Academy Value $12,496

Learn from the world's foremost IME expert and Advisory Board Member of the ABIME.


Dr. Emily Woolcock

Dual Board-Certified Independent Medical Examiner and Orthopedic Surgeon, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Mentor & Consultant  

Dr. Woolcock has founded several establishments in Georgia, Florida and Maryland, including the Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Institute, the Accident Rehabilitation Center, and the National Orthopaedic Consultants, P.A.. She has held top positions in hospitals, and earned her second board certification as an independent medical examiner.  

She serves as an Advisory Board member of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME). She is the creator of the powerful, all-natural, anti-inflammatory joint supplement, JointNutriMD. She was recently named to be one of The Leading Physicians of the World.  

Pursuing her passion to mentor and assist other physicians, she offers one-on-one coaching in person and through her online teaching platform, The IME Academy™, on which she guides physicians on ways to successfully perform independent medical examinations and other medicolegal exams.